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About : team

Project co-odinators and administration:

  • Joe Dolby: project initiator and curator, acts as the primary researcher and consultant. Many years of experience as curator of Prints and Drawings at the Iziko South African National Gallery.
  • Peter Dennis: project initiator, content manager, technical assistance, and providing the various databases and the website. Owner of Logos Flow, who are doing the development.
  • Jane Christie: administration and finance.

Project consultant:

  • Stefan Hundt: project consultant and initial funder. Curator of the SANLAM Art Gallery.

Past Project consultants:

  • Sandra Prosalendis: project consultant and fundraiser.
  • Adrian Hadland: project consultant and fundraiser. Chief Research Specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC).

Initial Project researcher:

  • Gigi Edross: project researcher who was responsible for the initial digital imaging and documentation when the project started.
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